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LAHORE: An exhibition titled “Aaj Key Naam” of photographs based on ordinary people and their daily lives by four photographers opened at Alhamra Art Gallery here on Wednesday.

A joint statement from the four photographers – Abdul Waris Hameed, Ghazanfar Bhinder, Muhamamd Saeed Rao and Syed Israr Haider – reads: “We four ordinary men had a purpose in conceiving the idea of ​​’Aaj ke Naam’ to connect some of the points that make us interactive and living social beings in a magnum opus of time.

“In a quest to explore the social fabric and sensibility tied to the personality of each one of us, our social exhibits turned out to be reflections and images displayed on the walls of the Gallery,” the artists said.

They say they collectively believe in the idea that a cult or dogma based on any denominator necessarily needs reflection, exposition and exposure. The images changed from lucidity to darkness in the life of the common man, from joy to pain of all people, of depressed and kindred characters, of carefree street children and exhausted laborers earning their bread in their moment of existence. The streak that runs through all their work is dignity and the victory of hope over despair.

The photographs belong to different regions of the country such as Balochistan, Thar and Punjab.

The exhibition will remain open until December 3.

Posted in Dawn, December 2, 2021

Tracey L. Sweeney