Photography exhibition – Fabio Sandri – IO

The “IO | The exhibition N”, dedicated to the master of photography without a camera Fabio Sandri, is open until July 29and In Milan.

“Who am I? The other. I am the environment in which I live; I am never alone” The exhibition marks the start of the “EXTRAORDINARIO” artistic series, edited by Sabino Maria Frassà and supported by Gaggenau and Cramum to reinvent the future.The main theme of these exhibitions in Milan and Rome is the relationship between human beings and the urban, social and architectural environment.

The “IO | The exhibition N” (I – Us) marks the beginning of the artistic series “Extraordinary” exhibited at Gaggenau DesignElementi in Milan, promoted by Gaggenau and Cramum and aimed at reinventing the future. Sabino Maria Frassà, creator and curator, has developed a project related to the analysis of relationship between human beings and the urban, social and architectural environment.

« IO | N” is open until July 29and and presents a series of works by Fabio Sandrimaster of photography without a camera, a technique through which he can organize huge photographic exhibitions without using his camera. In this exhibition, Fabio Sandri aims to explain how photography can help us experience the world around us in its true essence, beyond the dimensions we see.

The works fit into the Milanese environment and tell an intense story about the process of becoming aware of the other, of oneself, a dichotomy that we also find in the title of the exhibition.

“According to Sandri, there is no degree of separation between the ego and the other. Who am I? The other. I am reality, the environment in which I live, I am never alone. Therefore, I am everything that is different from me, I am an endless US”, explains Commissioner Sabino Maria Frassà. He also says: “The enormous”Rooms» The hangings on the walls are systematic and complementary to the other design elements of the showroom. These elements become an essential part of the exhibition: a bedroom hanging on the wall near a real kitchen. The result is a kaleidoscope of meaning and fascination, open to countless interpretations and references to great artists like Bacon, Giacometti and above all Vedova, who has always known how to go beyond the borders of contemporary art”.

In the works of Fabio Sandri, light becomes an instrument for revealing reality. The artist explores the photographic medium in its essence, that is to say the print on a photosensitive plate, directly in contact with the materiality of places. The photographic paper is used to create and it wraps in a single dimension all the other dimensions related to the environment inhabited by the individual. However, the individual is not the main character but only one of the elements of this coexistence. IO | NOT” is a real meditation related to where I end and where the other begins. However, this distinction does not really exist since the artist, by suppressing the use of the camera, is part of his work; he is one of the elements of this environment.

Likewise, in theSelf-portraits” series, the spectators become the creators of the final image consciously deciding how long they will stay still. “Fabio Sandri leads us to make decisions, meditating on ourselves in our environment, asking us to resist and remain still to imprint our image on the photographic plate through a video. In our rapidly changing society, many people cannot do this and that is why many self-portraits are blurry images of ghosts and holograms in the environment.“explains the curator. The image disappears in the last work exhibited, “INCARNATO – FILTRO” (TEINT – FILTER), that is to say a site specific piece, one collective self-portrait, the “US” created throughout the exhibition. This “US” will include all the imprints of the spectators, but also the environment in which we live and of which we are deeply part.


Art and design as engines of extraordinaryways of exploring a reality which – as the Latin etymology suggests in addition – goes beyond what we see and perceive. This is the main concept of “Extraordinario”, a series of exhibitions designed by the artistic director of Cramum, Sabino Maria Frassà, for the design brand Gaggenau to start reinventing the future.

Art and design allow us to go beyond reality: they transform materials, giving us instruments to see the world in a different way and appreciate its excellence. Gaggenau has always supported this excellence by promoting projects related to an unknown reality and creating a real conversation with the future.

“Extraordinario” is a collaboration between Gaggenau and Cramum aimed at finding the extraordinary value of what surrounds us, where art and design intertwine, both capable of stepping out of the ordinary by exploring and enhancing the potential of materials and the environment.

Throughout 2021, these exhibitions will animate the Gaggenau DesignElementi showrooms in Milan and Rome, drawing inspiration from the elements at the heart of Gaggenau’s design and success: light and invisibility – starting points of the brand’s quest for beauty – and the use of materials such as glass. , metal and wood that have always been a symbol of the German brand.

Four artists will take us on a discovery of the extraordinary that surrounds us, which also represents a new beginning for everyone. The main theme of the exhibitions is a meditation on the relationship between the human being and the urban, social and architectural environment. The “Extraordinario” series starts from the Milan hub with At Fabio Sandri’sIO | NOT” (I – We) exhibition. The show continues in Rome where the Ttozo will present “Fiori invisibili” (“Invisible Flowers”), an exhibition of molds, aiming to highlight how “collaboration” between human beings and nature can create masterpieces.

In autumn, Fulvio Morella will examine contemporary architectural syncretism in the “Pars Construens“exhibition: on display a series of works never seen before, made by combining wood with turned steel, copper and braille writing “Extraordinario” will end in Rome with “S-Composition(S-Compositions), a personal exhibition dedicated to Francesca Piovesan. The exhibition will focus on the meaning of human and universal harmony through light and mirrors.

Fabio Sandri – IO | NOT at Gaggenau DesignElementi
Gaggenau Design Elementi Hub
Magenta Course 2
20123 Milano
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday by appointment.
More information on the Gaggenau website

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Tracey L. Sweeney